Orders Outside the U.S. & Canada

Information for Orders outside USA and Canada

Minimum order of $1,000 or more. Either 100 decks, or combination of decks and accessories. There are no exceptions.

Shipping costs will be typically $500 or more by UPS Expedited. If you want to ship with a slower cheaper shipping service, then you will be responsible to arrange your own shipping company. We recommend contacting Transgroup; www.transgroup.com or Lynden International: www.lynden.com and finding their local office in your own country to work out a quote for you. Or you can use any forwarder you choose.

Send us a detailed Purchase Order listing individual items and prices from our website. (Must be over $1,000 worth of merchandise.) Then advise us if you want to us to use UPS expedited, and we will confirm the exact shipping quote. Or if you are using your own forwarder, then advise your forwarder that our pick up location is Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, USA.

If you don’t have a Purchase Order form then, you can use our online shopping cart to create one. Add all the items you want to buy into your shopping cart. Make sure the total is $1000 or more. Do not put in any shipping information. Then copy the screen showing the shopping cart with all your items and the total. Then email us with your order details, and your shipping address. Then let us know if you want us to quote you shipping by UPS, or if you want to arrange your own shipping. We will approve the order, and send you instructions for payment.

For orders outside of USA or Canada, we can only accept a Wire Transfer payment. After you submit your purchase order, we will send you the bank details for making the wire transfer payment.

You will be responsible for taxes and fees in your own country if any.

If you have any questions about this process please send us an email to sales@wholesaleskateboard.com

Distribution Agreement: If you purchase the minimum order qty from us, then we will add you to our international distributor list. Then when customers from your country or nearby, contact us about placing an order, we will refer them to you for ordering direct from you, and you can quote them whatever price you want to sell to them at.