Frequently asked questions

Where are your decks made?

Our decks are made by some of the same manufactures that a lot of the well known skateboarding brands use. Since we are a 3rd party dealer, we have made an agreement that we would not be able to share the names of the manufactures we use to avoid a conflict of interest. 

How is the quality of your wood?

Again, we work with some of the top deck manufactures that many well known brands use so the quality is the same as the graphic decks you are buying off the wall at your local skate shop.

How is the quality of the import decks?

What many people don't realize is that a lot of the established big brands in skateboarding have their merchandise made overseas to cut down on cost but just because it says "Made in China" does not mean that the quality is bad. We use the best manufacturers in China for our imported decks that are made with the same %100 Canadian maple wood and glue that they are using here so the quality is great.