About Us

wholesaleskateboard.com has been proudly serving skateboarders and skateboard shops around the world for over 2 decades now. We offer excellent quality products at low wholesale prices with low minimums to start. Whether you're skating our products or you're just starting your new brand or even if your shop has been established for as long as we have, our goal is to help you grow because we know that if you succeed that helps us to succeed.

Our decks have been the number one product that our customers buy from us, and for good reason. Over the years we have worked with all of the major skateboard factories. These are the same manufactures that produce all of the pro brand decks that sell in your local skate shop, the only difference is that our decks are blank (no graphics) we stand by the quality of our decks and guarantee them against warping and delaminating so that you can feel confident when buying from us. To get wholesale pricing, we have an industry low of only 10 decks and even lower then 10 on some of our other products like trucks. Each product page will tell you the required minimum to check out.