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All of our blank skateboard wheels are Pro Level, High Performance, Urethane wheels with excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Our blank wheels are the same quality as pro graphic wheels. Don’t pay extra for graphic when you can get the best quality urethane in the industry here!

*Minimum order is 10 sets of wheels, though you may mix and match styles and sizes.

Wheel Styles and Sizes
Wheel (set = 4 wheels)     Colors & Sizes
SBW: Solid Urethane 99a - $7/set

These are the most popular, and most
widely used wheels in the industry.

White: 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55mm
Black: 50, 52, 53, 54, 55mm
Red: 52, 54mm
Blue: 52, 54mm
ZGW: Gel Wheels 99a - $7.50/set

Translucent Colored Urethane

Blue: 53mm
Red: 53mm
Green: 53mm
Clear: 53mm
ESCW: Core Wheels 100a - $8/set

Poured with a 100A Urethane
thermoplastic bearing seat for stiffness
and a harder quicker ride, but the grip
and control of a softer 95A urethane
outer wheel.

White wheel with black core: 53mm
LBW: Longboard Wheels 78a - $11/set Blue: 70mm
Red: 70mm
Black: 70mm
Green: 70mm
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