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These ultra light blank skateboard trucks are strong, durable, and ride really smooth. They have a no slip axle and a super light hanger. You can't beat our price on these high quality blank trucks!

*Minimum order is 5 sets of trucks, though you may mix and match colors.

(1 set = 2 trucks)

Pricing (per set)
$12.00 Silver
$13.00 Black, Blue, Red
$15.00 Silver Longboard trucks
$17.50 Blank R II Mold Longboard trucks

*Longboard trucks have a 6.25" hanger and are 9" from axle to axle. They have a traditional 4 hole mounting with the same hole spacing as a standard skateboard deck. These trucks work well for old school and 8.5" decks. Blank R II Mold Longboard trucks have a 7" hanger and a 10" axle width.