Buy Wholesale Blank Skateboard Wheels

Pricing (per set of 4 wheels)
$ 7.00 SBW: Solid Urethane 99a
$ 7.50 ZGW: Gel Wheels 99a
$ 8.00 ESCW: Cored Wheels 100a
$11.00 LBW: Longboard Wheels 78a
       *Minimum order is 10 sets, though you may mix and match.

Wheel Descriptions

WheelColor & SizeQuantity     
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Wheel Styles and Sizes
Wheel (set = 4 wheels)     Colors & Sizes
SBW: Solid Urethane 99a - $7/set

These are the most popular, and most
widely used wheels in the industry.

White: 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55mm
Black: 50, 52, 53, 54, 55mm
Red: 52, 54mm
Blue: 52, 54mm
ZGW: Gel Wheels 96a - $7.50/set

Translucent Colored Urethane

Blue: 53mm
Red: 53mm
Green: 53mm
Clear: 53mm
ESCW: Core Wheels 100a - $8/set

Poured with a 100A Urethane
thermoplastic bearing seat for stiffness
and a harder quicker ride, but the grip
and control of a softer 95A urethane
outer wheel.

White wheel with black core: 53mm
LBW: Longboard Wheels 78a - $10/set Blue: 70mm
Red: 70mm
Black: 70mm
Green: 70mm